"Time to focus on being me."

We all have our own light. The more you focus on your unique light, the deeper the beauty that shines from within.
MAKE9 was born to highlight the naturally sculpted glow of you, like a piece of art painted with brushes.
Harnessing the transparent power extracted from nature to bring a subtle transformation to your skin,
paving the way for you to leap into a confident everyday life.
When you nurture yourself to be more authentically you, you'll discover the beauty armed with your own light.

Captured the pieces of nature.

a piece of nature

Carefully examine your skin as much as it deserves.
MAKE9 excludes 27 harmful ingredients and uses only proven safe ingredients to
gently soothe skin sensitized by external harmful environments.
It pursues clean beauty using a safe and powerful formula implemented
with natural ingredients such as vitamin C for radiant glow, plant-based ingredients
that enhance elasticity and regulate skin's moisture balance,
and hyaluronic acid to prevent loss of elasticity through proprietary technology.

Creates flawless skin.

wake up skin

Are you looking for a quick shortcut to rapid changes?
Immediate effectiveness is usually short-term.
To achieve the natural radiance emitted by the skin, a solution that penetrates
deep into the skin and nourishes it from within is essential. MAKE9 is designed with
gentle ingredients and robust quality to allow you to feel your skin becoming healthier.
Try MAKE9's unique prescription to address fundamental
skin issues and enhance the innate power of your skin.

1. We do not compromise on the dedication poured into product development.
2. We use only effective ingredients for the skin without deceiving with components.
3. We guarantee comprehensive skin improvement that progresses slowly.

Watches over women's lives.

rest, more rest

As the moments for self-care increase with ample time,
the everyday tranquility grows. We hope to accompany you
with a sense of comfort wherever you are, whenever you need it.
We believe that our products will bring you a serene peace.
Experience the changed tomorrow with MAKE9.


"Premium Anti-Aging!"

AGESKIN's anti-aging solution incorporates a unique blend of plant-derived needles that penetrate deep into the skin,
patented ingredients delivering peptides, and extracts from three indigenous Korean self-regenerating plants
known for their antioxidant properties. Additionally, it includes ceramide NP for improving the skin barrier,
and a proprietary method by AGESKIN to mature and extract resurrection plant ingredients that aid in skin regeneration and revitalization.
Peptides are amino acid-based protein fragments, essential components for creating proteins in the skin.
They play a crucial role in repairing and regenerating damaged skin, making them key contributors to anti-aging.
AGESKIN's anti-aging solution utilizes patented peptide ingredients and fine plant-derived needles
to deeply penetrate beneath the skin barrier, enhancing the absorption rate of active ingredients compared to conventional peptide samples.


"Anyone can use"

We offer a hit product, a mineral sunscreen suitable for the entire family, called 'TRIYA.'
It's a FRIENDLY COSMETIC that anyone can use, regardless of their skin age or type.